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The obvious assumptions are that the inspiration for a surfing music track is either from a Tarantino movie or a surf movie from the Sixties. In this case, both are wrong.
If we're talking about surf vibe, lifestyle, burnt blonde hair, skipping school to go surfing and getting wasted after sundown, my inspiration is my hometown, Ashdod, and the people I grew up with.
Ashdod is a port city in Israel, it has some of the greatest beaches in the country and therefore, a respectable surfing community. My parents' house is very close to the beach, so I spent most of my childhood barefoot on the white sand, and although my path eventually led me to a musician's life, I was always surrounded by surfer boys and girls. The rockers' scene and the surfers' scene were always tied together, so even my music was heavily influenced by waves.

After I left Ashdod and moved to Tel Aviv (another city with wonderful beaches and an even larger community of surfers) I became friends with a weird bunch of musicians/surfers who had a band that was called "RPS Surfers", they only played surf music and I was lucky enough to attend several rehearsals and a ton of shows. I learnt a lot from them about surf music and they are the true musical inspiration for this track.

Listen to 'Surf Music'

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