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italian music

I've never been to Italy. Was that a challenge while I was making this music? not necessarily.

Usually, before I start composing any one of these tracks, I close my eyes and try to imagine how a country sounds like (sometimes I do it with my eyes open, too). First I get a general feel, then I try to figure out which instruments should be used and after that I start to hum a tune. Sometimes, if I'm not sure about what I came up with, I'll go online to validate my hunch by listening to traditional music from a specific origin.

With this track, I went through all of the stages but couldn't come up with a good enough melody, so I challenged myself with a special exercise. I decided to take the chords of another song and write a different melody on top of it. The first song that came to my mind was an Israeli one by Uzi HItman (He's the complete opposite of a HITMAN with an UZI) called "I was born for peace" or "Noladti LaShalom" in Hebrew.
I did a pretty good job disguising it, but if you know the song and stay focused, you'll be able to sing along to the sounds of "Royalty Free Italian Music" 🤣

Listen to 'Royalty Free Italian Music'

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